Windows Phone News: Code Warrior - Nokia stimulates the interest of developers of apps for Windows Phone


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code Warrior - Nokia stimulates the interest of developers of apps for Windows Phone

Application development is a vital element for the success of any mobile platform in the current market scenario. Nokia , after choosing Windows Phone as its flagship operating system, device, is aware that the development of apps for the platform of Redmond is a fundamental objective. To encourage developers to build applications, Nokia has recently launched a new initiative with the Site Code Warrior : a space in which Windows Phone users and developers can meet, exchange ideas on useful applications to make and vote for the most deserving. To promote the initiative, the Finnish house has organized a tour that will visit major U.S. cities , during which prizes will be distributed to the most skilled developers.

The initiative is certainly noteworthy, and shows how the entry of Nokia in the market for Windows Phone device continues to have a different weight than the other competitors.Nokia makes a direct promoter of initiatives that help the development of Microsoft's mobile platform, also because the company's success is closely linked to the expansion of the installed based of devices that use it and an extensive software library is certainly an important element attract the audience.
In the course of events that will promote the site Code Warrior, you will create a competition based on a few simple rules that provide for the conduct contained in the application "bounty board". The rewards include gift certificates and recent Lumia 900.Currently, the Code Warrior site only allows you to send your e-mail address to receive notification of the actual start of operations.
Recall that the house has begun to bring Finnish app exclusive for its device Lumia, trying to differentiate their offerings from competitors software. Improve not only the amount of Windows Phone app, but also the quality of care is a priority for the company, as confirmed by Chanse Arrington, chief content developer and Marketing for Nokia in North America, during the presentation of Code Warrior.

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