Windows Phone News: Microsoft releases its Photosynth application for Windows Phone!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Microsoft releases its Photosynth application for Windows Phone!

Here comes the Windows Phone marketplace Photosynth, the popular Microsoft application that allows you to take and share pictures taken in landscape mode to 360 degrees.

Last year when Microsoft released  Photosynth for iPhone OS , many users wondered when it would arrive this on Windows Phone since David Gedey Photosynth Group Program Manager in charge of development of this software had declared that they were at work on the version for Windows Phone .
After one year, the popular app finally arrived in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Excellent fluidity and ease of use, Photosynth brings the device on our ability to take pictures in landscape mode both horizontally and vertically to have the effect of a "sphere". Once realized our shot, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter directly using the free service or simply as an image. 
Also you can publish your panoramas on Bing, where millions of people will see your panoramic, Maps, and Bing Bing search results for sites that you have captured.

The application needs gyro and compass to work correctly but devices that do not have these sensors,can use the app but it won't work perfectly each time.

Unfortunately, even in this case, the low-end devices with 256 MB of RAM memory can not install the application.

The application can be downloaded for free from the WP Marketplace.

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