Windows Phone News: The Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 90,000 applications


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 90,000 applications

According to the latest update of , you can now count more than 90,000 apps developed for the platform to Windows Phone. On April 3, there were 82,000 applications, added up to 300 apps published on the day, today they have reached the threshold of 90,327 apps
This time, however, has changed the method of counting and were taken into consideration all the markets that have smartphones based on Windows Phone on the market.
Taking this rate of growth, the Windows Phone marketplace could soon reach the milestone of 100,000 applications in the coming months (the most optimistic were estimated 3-4 weeks).

The constant growth of the Marketplace is bringing new developers (more or less important) to the platform to Windows Phone and it promises a fairly rapid growth of apps within it, making everyone happy users who are complaining because it has a few Windows Phone app.

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