Windows Phone News: Microsoft plans a major announcement on Monday, June 18


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Microsoft plans a major announcement on Monday, June 18

Microsoft is distributing invitations to the press for attending an event, scheduled for next Monday, June 18 in Los Angeles, during which there is an announcement of some significance. Obviously, the motivations are completely unknown but many email invitations include the following text words to bottom:
This will be a major Microsoft announcement - you will not want to miss it
With great odds Windows Phone will not even named because, like many of you know, has already planned a summit on June 20 where they should leak out numerous reports concerning the future of Microsoft's mobile OS. Ditto for Windows 8, the Preview Release now available for some time, and Xbox, which has made quite a stir at E3 a few days ago.

Whether it's an acquisition? In fact, according to rumors appeared on the net today, it would seem that Microsoft is ready to buy Yammer for a billion dollars. Yammer is an enterprise social network used strictly in the business and could be very useful and effective when integrated Microsoft ecosystem.
According to the site AllThingsD , however, the Redmond company would definitely ready for Windows 8 RT , version of the ARM-compatible CPU. Up to now, in recent events, we had the chance to see very few hands-on direct tablet and other terminals with this new hardware platform for Windows 8. In this conference, it would seem that Microsoft has decided to introduce new models and expose new functionality and services supported by new tablet W8.
We just have to wait until next Monday to receive further clarification on. Eventually let us know in comments which could be, in your opinion, the important announcement that awaits us.

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