Windows Phone News: Nokia-Microsoft - New marketing initiatives landed in European retail stores


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nokia-Microsoft - New marketing initiatives landed in European retail stores

Targeted marketing campaigns and promotions have been made ​​well the constants that have accompanied the launch of smartphones Lumia on every continent.Nokia counting on the collaboration of Microsoft, has already invested substantial resources to advertise the line of Lumia smartphones and the trend seems to be steadily rising. One of the many forms of promotion of the Lumia devices based on Windows platform passes through the store location in some European retailers carefully done, can not only summarize the main features of the device but above bring WP smartphones more closer to the potential buyers.
One of the exhibitors has already been spotted in a store and is characterized by the European  integration of a 40-inch LCD monitor that shows the technical specifications of the device and the stand on which are placed the various Lumia smartphone available to the public.

The new promotional tool developed jointly by Nokia and Microsoft is another important component of the articulated business strategy decided by leaders of the Finnish brand to promote  the spread of Lumia. As instrument that touches a very sensitive issue of Windows Phone platform and therefore the Lumia brand to be knowledge by the general public (and not just the narrow niche of "geeks"). 
This is an issue with which the relatively young platform, Microsoft is facing since its inception and that could certainly be improved in partnership with Nokia. Far out and touch Lumia smartphones can definitely be a good way to bring to the attention of a wide set of users of the device and the quality of Finnish manufactured Windows Phones.

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