Windows Phone News: Windows Phone Store now has 125,000 published apps


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Windows Phone Store now has 125,000 published apps

According to the AAWP calculations  , the Windows Phone Store has exceeded 125,000 applications and many others are ready for publication to suit all needs, including those users who from November will buy a device with Windows Phone 8 on board.
To be precise, at this moment, there are 126.530 and content of these "only" 113.170 are available to download (visible to users).Daily are published approximately 215 app, which means almost 7000 new content per month, although in the last month were 5.673.The contents come from about 30 000 developers.
Those just mentioned are numbers that certainly did not go unnoticed and are a great added value to the Microsoft software platform, especially when you consider that this threshold (125,000 app) was achieved in 18 and a half months, versus 26 months in the store Android. It also demonstrates the strong interest from developers of Windows Phone, which is now considered the third prong of software platforms for mobile devices.
However, these data refer to publications carried out so far and not the exact number of apps available for download by the user. Many of these, in fact, have been removed from Microsoft or by the developers and this leads to lower digits. In addition, each store in each country has its own app that can be downloaded from their inhabitants: United States (101,517), United Kingdom (96,265), France (92,887), Spain (91,224), Italy (90,806) , Germany (91,940) , Australia (92,670), Russia (75,728), Brazil (65,360), India (92,130) and China (46,094).
More information at  AAWP .

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