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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gnomio - Smart Watch For Windows Phone

Gnomio could be the first wristwatch'' smart'' based on Windows Embedded Compact 7 and compatible with Windows Phone 8. A team of Russian developers,created a project, that was launched almost a year ago in order to build a smartwatch that will communicate with a smartphone based on Windows Phone OS, sharing its main functions.
The users via Bluetooth will stay connected with their Windows Phones getting all notifications coming on the clock from the phone, without having it in my hands : incoming calls or missed calls, SMS and email, Facebook or Twitter notifications, appointments on the calendar, weather, the music player, the battery level and a search function will be integrated and managed directly by the clock.

The creators of Gnomio ensure that, as a clock and an object of worship and fashion,  will have a style and an attractive design and minimalist to suit all tastes , with models in bright colors called Fresh  or anodized aluminum with the name Strong .

The particularity of this new smartwatch, with which will be distinguished from all others, is that it will be provided with its own market and therefore capable of running dedicated applications , and therefore not be relegated to a function of extension of the smartphone with which it is connected and from which it is controlled remotely, but a device that can also be autonomous and equipped with its own functions . The scenario in which we pay this type of application is very varied: receiving messages from social networtk, dictaphone, music and video players, applications for the sport and to calculate distance and speed, games and even remote control to radio thanks to the gyro sensors and the accelerometer.

The biggest news is that applications will be written especially for this device and will be conveyed through the Store for Windows Phone , by application'' container''. Just install it on your Windows Phone and then pass them on smartwatch. Will also be available for Gnomio SDK for all developers who want to create applications for this new smartwatch. Specifically, the interested developer will not need to also address the application'' container'' clock application that will be on the store, but will be provided already by the development team Gnomio with the SDK itself .

The Gnomio features:
  • 1.54'' 240 x 240 pixels capacitive touchscreen display
  • ARM 270 MHz Processor
  • 8 GB Internal memory and 64MB of RAM.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0, micro USB, 3.5 mm jack Connectivity
  • 7 days in clock mode, 24 hour mode Battery
  • gyroscope, accelerometer and light Sensors.
  • built-in speaker, microphone, vibration.
The project is still under development, but the team has already announced that it has completed the hardware design and is working on the software. If all goes well, Gnomio will go into production in March and will begin distribution in April .You can support the development team with a small donation of $ 1 or even pre-order the smart watch in Fresh and Strong version for a cost of $ 81 plus international shipping at this address.

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