Windows Phone News: New Nokia design patent revealed ahead of MWC 2013


Friday, February 8, 2013

New Nokia design patent revealed ahead of MWC 2013

Liveside posted this picture of a new patented design for a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone. Nokia has a tendency to patent their designs mobile before they are officially revealed.Nokia has filed a request for this particular patent at the end of 2011 and following the usual lengthy legislative process, has received approval on February 5th.

Last year, for example, we saw the design patent for Nokia Lumia 920 shortly before its official announcement. Interesting to point that the device outlined in the drawings which form part of the documentation required to obtain a patent draws an unflattering concept spread network in August 2011, four months before the patent application.The design of this new device is very similar to other mock-up published previously as shown in the picture below.
As can be seen, by comparing the patent picture with the mockup , the shape of the device, the curvature of the back of the device, as well as the position of the speaker module and the camera match.
It will be really interesting to see if this device will be among those to be presented at MWC. At the Mobile World Congress 2013 expected to be announced by Nokia, at least 5 new devices: Lumia 1000, 720,520, Nokia Laser,EOS,Catwalk.

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