Windows Phone News: Bug in Nokia App Highlights app for Windows Phone revealed various internal apps


Monday, March 11, 2013

Bug in Nokia App Highlights app for Windows Phone revealed various internal apps

Nokia App Highlights is a very valuable resource for Nokia Lumia users navigating try the Windows Phone Store. It we all are aware, this is Nokia Lumia exclusive application, which offers the possibility of consulting an interesting selection of the best applications available for Nokia Lumia devices.
App Highlights took center stage in the last few hours of an event related to a bug that revealed numerous app is in development by Nokia, both from Microsoft. Applications, some of which are explicitly labeled as "internal, Nokia Use Only" are visible without any trouble using the search tool built into the application and using the keywords "Nokia" and "Microsoft ". 
The bug, in any case, seems to have been promptly corrected with the removal of the search function from the application.
Among the applications developed by Nokia, that was spotted are :Meet Nokia 2.0, Nokia Conference, Demo Approve Nokia, Nokia Locate 3D, Nokia and Nokia Beta Flights News and Views.
There were some references to internal applications such as Microsoft Life , an application that, as we learn from reading the official description, is a LOB (line of business) for internal use at Microsoft and accessible by its employees.
Of course, applications for internal use Nokia can not be installed and, as said earlier, Nokia has already put in place procedures to remedy the bug. Shortly after launching the application with our Lumia 920, in fact, the application is restarted and the next time we noticed the removal of the search function.
As pointed out by the source who reported the bug first, among the sightings Instagram  wasn't spotted and we could not confim the rumors that Instragram for WP is all ready on development.
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