Windows Phone News: Rumor - Solar charging for future Nokia Windows Phones?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rumor - Solar charging for future Nokia Windows Phones?

Nokia on it's facebook page has posted an image, that has sparked a variety of speculations on the possible solar charging ability into future Windows Phone or maybe existing ones using some dedicated accessories.
The image posted on Facebook its showing Nokia Lumia 820, accompanied by the phrase "Sun, Sun, Sun, Here we came." An expression that could refer to anything, but could at the same time begin to substantiate the rumors spread in recent weeks on integrating the Lumia devices batteries with charging ability using solar power. 

The photo shows a Lumia 820, smartphone with removable cover, in principle, could be replaced by another with a solar cell. This is mere speculation, as well as speculations are those concerning the native feature in future Windows Phone smartphones from Nokia.
Nokia has always been at the forefront in the development of innovative technologies and would not be surprising to note that the reported rumor just did not translate into reality.Not emerge until more solid evidence, it is appropriate to consider the information just described as purely speculative.
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