Windows Phone News: Nokia has shipped 17,000 Lumia smartphones to developers


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nokia has shipped 17,000 Lumia smartphones to developers

Mark Silver, senior vice president of developer and marketplace experience of Nokia has announced that the Finnish brand, until now, has sent 17,000 Lumia to developers committed to the growth of the Windows Phone platform.The company has contributed significantly to the expansion of the ecosystem of the Redmond operating system, given important push to the development of applications. Before the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, in fact, the Marketplace app was formed by 7,000, while at the store in dedicated applications to Windows Phone has over 80,000 applications.

During Nokia World, the company had anticipated that it would distribute 25,000 Lumia smartphones to developers in the developer program designed to encourage the development of apps for Windows Phone. At the moment there are still other 8000 devices for distribution, but the results already obtained seem satisfactory, according to statements of Marco Argenti:
The growth (WP ecosystem) Also is two to the very repute We've Been Working Closely with Microsoft in a lot of practical actions to engage with developers to support our strategy
Growth (WP ecosystem) is also due to the fact that we have worked closely with Microsoft in many initiatives aimed at obtaining the support of our strategy by developers
Nokia in recent months has been engaged in the first person to encourage the development of phone apps for Windows Phone, not only producing exclusive apps for its Lumia range  as Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Creative Studio, but also planning over 600 events for developers  from January until June.
The development of a robust ecosystem of apps is an indispensable element for the success of a mobile platform, and Nokia does not seem to have overlooked until now such an important element.

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