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Friday, November 23, 2012

LG will not update the LG Optimus 7 to WP7.8

It seems that the owners of the LG Optimus 7 WP 7.5 smartphone won't join the WP7.8 bandwagon.The joke certainly will not be well digested if confirmed by all the national divisions of LG, it seems that the device in question does not have the long-awaited upgrade to release 7.8 in the program , leaving in fact with WP7.5 refresh.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Microsoft announces improved app certification and faster publication times

Lately several developers have complained about the timing of certification and approval of your app developed for Windows Phone. The number of published apps on the marketplace on a daily basis has risen substantially in recent months, this led to a lengthy certification (we received complaints from developers who had to wait beyond 10 days).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nokia releases Voddler exclusively for its Lumia devices. Available in select markets

Nokia has released yet another exclusive app for its Windows Phone Lumia smartphones. The app in question is Voddler , video-on-demand service that allows streaming of the latest movies and TV series.
Voddler was presented at the Mobile World Congress in February and is currently available for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 is now ever closer to Tango upgrade

Upgrading to Windows Phone Tango for the Nokia Lumia 710 is fast approaching. To confirm a recent examination of the firmware is present at NaviFirm which include updates to Tango for Lumia 710 marketed in various geographical areas and are distributed through various national telephone operators. As we know, Tango is a version of Windows Phone designed for entry-level device such as Lumia 610, but will also be released to the terminals with more powerful hardware, introducing some welcome news as, for example, the WiFi sharing feature still absent in Nokia Lumia 710. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

LG Optimus 7 vs Nokia Lumia 610, features and performance comparison (video)

The video that we propose below, published by, shows a comparison between two Windows Phone devices with different hardware characteristics: LG Optimus 7 and Nokia Lumia 610. 
The first is a first generation of smartphones, with 1 Ghz processor and 512 MB ​​RAM, while the second, launched in Europe this month, is the low cost device Windows Phone from Nokia, with 800 Mhz CPU and 256 MB RAM.

GMaps Pro is now free for all Windows Phone users, but just for today

More good news for users of Windows Phone who prefer Google maps to those of Bing. After being returned to the WP Marketplace in recent days, GMaps Pro today will be free of charge for the whole day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

HTC Titan and HTC Radar get unlocked bootloader and custom ROMs

Windows Phones from the second generation was very complicated and inaccessible to hackers and geeks of the platform, mainly because of increased security of the system introduced by Mango. Today, however, the well-known DFT team has published a new guide on XDA Please install a new HSPL that will flash Custom ROM in HTC Radar and Titan.
The procedure for intallation dell'HSPL the DFT is a bit 'complicated and therefore only recommend for advanced users. In any case, then you Please install the terminal on your new Custom ROM DFT always created by the team where you can fully exploit the Full Unlock the device.

The Nokia Lumia 610 GPU beats the performance of the first set of Windows Phone smartphones

After having reported the number of applications not currently compatible with a thorough analysis of performance and functionality, we return to talk about today's Lumia 610 and its compartment hardware. Thanks to an article by András Velvárt, Silverlight MVP and developer of 3D Browser Surfcube, we have examined the performance of CPU, GPU and Memory of the Nokia Lumia 610.
The new entry level Nokia with 800Mhz processor and 256Mb of Ram, was subjected to comparisons with Lumia 800 with 1.4GHz processor and 512Mb of Ram, and LG Optimus 7 with 1 GHz processor and 512Mb of Ram.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 coming in India in June?

Formally introduced earlier this year, were expected for several months in stores two new smartphones Lumia 610 and 900 created by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft and characterized by interesting features and specifications that make them very promising two mobile devices. 

In the past, much information has somehow left open the possibility of seeing these two devices to reach the Indian market, and new revelations, yet unconfirmed officially, back on ' argument once again. Portal Onlygizmos revealed information from an anonymous source reported that Nokia would be ready to launch two of its Lumia smartphones the Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 in the Indian market by mid-June, respectively, at a cost of 11,000 rupees and 28,000 rupees. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition is now available for pre-order in UK

As we have reported earlier UK customers will be able to get their hands on Nokia Lumia 900 "The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition" and also get free cinema tickets and chance to win a vip experience to the premiere.
Now UK retailer Phones4U has just activated the pre-orders for this particular edition of Nokia Lumia 900 and the first shipments will begin June 1, just weeks ahead of the arrival of the latest Batman movie in the UK cinemas.
More info at Phones4U 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

O2 Germany will be selling 32 GB Nokia Lumia 900

The German operator O2 has recently included the Nokia Lumia 900 on its online catalog , the novelty is that the device in question will have 32GB of internal memory instead of the usual 16GB. 

WMPU contacted the German operator who confirmed that they will market the Nokia Lumia 900 with 32GB memory.

Certainly there are many users who use their smartphone as a media player and bigger memory than 16GB would be undoubtedly convenient. 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook for Windows Phone bumped to version 2.5

We have reported in April, that the Facebook team was working on Facebook app for Windows Phone version 2.5 and now after one month after, here comes the much needed update  that implements several new features and improvements. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ZTE Tania with upgraded 1.4GHz processor will be out in China by the end of the month

Windows Phone continues its climb to the summit of the smartphone world, a tough and rugged mountains, full of obstacles that today are called iPhone and Android. Nokia has succeeded in giving a burst but the percentages are still not able to trouble the competition.
One of the strategies that Microsoft - together with the producers - is pursuing, is to raise the bar of quality / price ratio, offering smartphone can offer excellent performance even in the medium/low market.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More positive Windows Phone sales news,WP market share showing sings of growth

Although the Windows Phone OS still holds rates of diffusion rather low in recent months, the market share of Windows Phone has experiencing a significant growth in some markets . These results have certainly been achieved thanks to the massive advertising campaign carried out by Nokia to promote their Lumia organized with the initiative from Microsoft called "Smoked by Windows Phone" which as we have seen , has proved successful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Windows Phone Marketplace extends to 22 new countries

Although, Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketplace is far from the likes of the gigantic Apple app store and the Google Play store, in terms of both the number of apps and its reach, the latest news from the Windows Phone makers reveal that their marketplace is now available across 22 new countries. The web-based marketplace has now been made available for Windows phone users across Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nokia has shipped 17,000 Lumia smartphones to developers

Mark Silver, senior vice president of developer and marketplace experience of Nokia has announced that the Finnish brand, until now, has sent 17,000 Lumia to developers committed to the growth of the Windows Phone platform.The company has contributed significantly to the expansion of the ecosystem of the Redmond operating system, given important push to the development of applications. Before the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, in fact, the Marketplace app was formed by 7,000, while at the store in dedicated applications to Windows Phone has over 80,000 applications.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 modified to support wireless charging (video)

The Nokia 800 Lumia has become the protagonist of a hardware change, which introduced the possibility of wireless charging the battery . How to make this course interesting modification requires expert knowledge of electronics and a certain dexterity.Although not accessible to all users, the model provides an integrated feature that would not mind seeing in the future in the next Lumia smartphones.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The official UEFA EURO 2012 application arrives on Windows Phone

There are two months at the start of Euro 2012 and together with the Android and iPhone OS apps ,here comes the same app to Windows Phone with which you will be able to follow all official events, read news and see scores and play-offs.
Also available for Bada, BlackBerry and Java, Uefa Euro 2012 is free and will include the stream of news about teams, games, videos and interviews with direct textual comments of various matches.
Be enabled with push notifications, the application also has video highlights for a fee and then do not miss the opportunity to share content via Facebook or Twitter.
To support the informational side of the app are the "fun" with Photo Fun that will touch up our photos of our favorite team by adding tattoos on his face and geolocation capabilities and maps with augmented reality.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

AppVegas - Discover new applications for Windows Phone

Is true that the marketplaces are often full of junk and photocopying applications, it is also true that sometimes it is difficult to discover all applications in quality among the thousands available.
To help us now comes new app from AppVegas enterprise, a kind of slot machines "in reverse" where in the central rollers are selected categories and types, and with a  random search of the mobile part of the discovery of the marketplace.
In addition to the random function, AppVegas also includes a section devoted to applications of the day with the news, the best software on the rise and the best selling, with great Metro interface.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Analysts predict that AT&T will sale one million Nokia Lumia 900's in Q2 of 2012

Starting from a study performed by Aapo Markkanen, senior analyst for ABI Research, based on the statistics of the software house FourBros Studio, the analyst Jamie Townsend (the Town Hall Investment Research) has announced that the Lumia 900 AT&T could achieve sale of a million units in this second quarter of 2012
Several days ago Nokia was considered to be very satisfied by the sales Lumia phones in the States and the analyst believes that these numbers can be a good starting point for the return of the Finnish manufacturer in this key market.
Do not forget, however, the massive economic effort made to publicize this smartphone from Nokia, presented and marketed at a time when competition has not yet brought significant innovations.
Via Barrons