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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Telstra confirms that the HTC Titan, HD7 and Mozart will be updated to WP7.8 between late February and early March

Telephone operators have an important role in the release of Windows Phone updates dedicated to the WP devices and in the absence of any official information from the manufacturers, they are an important resource for users waiting for the latest update.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More positive Windows Phone sales news,WP market share showing sings of growth

Although the Windows Phone OS still holds rates of diffusion rather low in recent months, the market share of Windows Phone has experiencing a significant growth in some markets . These results have certainly been achieved thanks to the massive advertising campaign carried out by Nokia to promote their Lumia organized with the initiative from Microsoft called "Smoked by Windows Phone" which as we have seen , has proved successful.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

HTC Mozart updated to Windows Phone Tango aka WP7.5 refresh (Updated)

It seems that the much-discussed update to Windows Phone Tango is being released at this very hour, to report it is Aviraj Ajgekar, Technology Evangelist for Microsoft writing on his  technet blog that his unlocked HTC Mozart  received an update that upgraded his HTC Mozart to  software version 7.10.8779.8.

You acknowledge that you have received as many as 3 consecutive updates to bring your own device, the shift has seen these different versions, build 8112.7 -> 8773.98 -> 8779.8.Despite this, the download time of several updates is quite low, probably because Windows Phone Tango does not offer a significant number of new features.,mostly some fixes and updates to the OS (mostly around enhancing MMS).

Update: Aviraj has deleted the post from his blog and no one else is reportedly getting this update. Is yet another Microsoft employee being misinformed or was this an internal update for testing?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

HTC Mozart on Telstra finally gets Internet Sharing

Telstra was the first company to give us hope that Internet Sharing would in fact come to Windows Phone when they said, all the way back in August 2010:

“Tethering is a feature we want. We will be on Microsoft’s case as well!”

Well fast forward more than a year, and those words finally become reality, as we have received reports that an update for the HTC Mozart on Telstra is rolling out which brings Internet Sharing at long last to the device.