Windows Phone News: Nokia Lumia 920 - now sold out of all Nokia Lumia 920 models


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 - now sold out of all Nokia Lumia 920 models

Windows Phone 8, after the official presentation and after being spoken for a long time on the new functions and features introduced by Microsoft , has moved for some time on the first smartphone already available in some countries, that will use the platform to deliver a mobile experience very engaging and interesting than in the past. 

We think that all the devices in question prove very interesting to the specifications set by the manufacturer, that without a doubt the most interesting and well received by critics and audiences to this moment is the Nokia Lumia 920 , new top of the range smartphone from Nokia, at the price of $99(2-years contract AT&T) , will offer a great end in many respects than the competition. 

During the past few weeks, the Nokia Lumia 920 was involved in updates very interesting results confirming the registration sold out in several countries around the world, demonstrating the interest it has aroused against a large number of users. Well, these days, for the umpteenth time, the retailer Amazon has recorded, once again, sold out for the Lumia 920 , but this time the Nokia WP8 smartphone has sold out in all its colors, referring to two weeks shipment of new units. In USA , however, as AT & T , is only available the Lumia 920 in white, with all other versions exhausted. remain pending updates to learn more about it. 


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