Windows Phone News: SoundHound for Windows Phone 8 devices updated to version 2.0


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SoundHound for Windows Phone 8 devices updated to version 2.0

As we know, the platform Windows Phone offers its recognition feature of the music through the integrated Bing Audio , accessible via the Listen button with the musical note icon in the search function of Windows Phone OS. Among the best third-party alternatives exist, however, the excellent and free Shazam , an established leader in the industry, and the emerging SoundHound , often more reliable than the competitor, at this very hour got upgraded to the new version 2.0 meant for Windows Phone 8 devices.
This is a major release that comes to replace the previous version bringing with it a host of new features:
  • Search performance improved
  • Rapid recovery of the app from standby and fast switching the app from another
  • Integration with the music application and playback controls for previews of the songs
  • Various Live Tile support for frames and animated plus size
  • Support for various display resolutions
  • Integration of voice commands with the ability to launch SoundHound with his own voice
SoundHound 2.0 is free of charge and is available only for smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 and available at Windows Phone Store, while the devices based on previous operating system Windows Phone 7.5 is available the version 1.5. 

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