Windows Phone News: Nokia Lumia 920 successor will have aluminum body for thinner, lighter appearance


Friday, January 4, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 successor will have aluminum body for thinner, lighter appearance

The Nokia Lumia 920 has been on the market since mid-November 2012, and its distribution is still rising to the top in many nations, but there is already talk of a successor. According to the latest rumors from the TheVerge, the Nokia Lumia 920 successor  will be thin, light, beautiful and elegant! TheVerge claims to have received this information from a reliable source familiar with the Nokia.
The future flagship of Nokia with Windows Phone 8 should also abandon the already  tried and tested and hyper exploited polycarbonate shell that has been used in the last Nokia devices and  to switch to aluminum, a material that would give greater elegance and strength as well as help to reduce weight.

The use of aluminum for the body and move it back to the Nokia N8 with Symbian OS, a device very much appreciated for its form factor completely covered with this cold material, a choice that should allow Nokia to compete on equal terms, under the appearance, with the fashion phone from Apple. The code name of this new device should be the Catwalk and will be launched during 2013, maybe in summer, along with two other Windows Phone 8 devices.
We reiterate that what you have just read is the result of rumors, of course, have not been confirmed by Nokia. We will see in the coming days or months, if these items correspond to the real or are they mere speculation, and looking forward to learn more we suggest below a picture showing a concept of a Nokia smartphone with an aluminum body.

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