Windows Phone News: Animal Game For Kids - Interesting Animal Sound app for WP8


Friday, June 20, 2014

Animal Game For Kids - Interesting Animal Sound app for WP8

The developer ideaMK has brought us another great WP8 app, and as usuall like the most of their apps this one is also specially designed for our little ones. 

Animal Game For Kids is fun, simple, and quite silly and for sure will keep your kids engaged while learning about the world of animals. The only thing your litle one has to do is to click on the image of the animal to hear the sound or the name of the clicked animal. 

Animal Game For Kids also offers quiz option, and using this feature your child can learn the names and sounds of the (two) screen given animals and click the correct animal based on the sound that it makes and the name of the animal is also spoken out in perfect, clear english!!!

App description:

"Animal Sounds

Kids are encouraged to learn animals through interaction with engaging animations and sound effects!  Kids can learn animals by taping any animal to start animal sound and animation or can play animal quiz. When the animals come out to play, click on the animal that makes the sound you hear.

Introduce your kid to Zoo Animals: Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Lion, Hippo and Parrot.

• Tap animal to interact with the animals
• Learn through play
• Bright Colors engage the babies
• Large, colorful animals with wobbling animation!
• Teaches animals and animal sounds
• Listening and Communication
• Curiosity and Discovery.

Animals Sounds will help parents teach the animals to their children while having fun at the same time.

This game is so much fun your child will want to play it again and again!

Designed for babies 6 months and up.

All Tablet and Smartphone resolutions supported!

Animal Game For Kids is a free application and can be found HERE in the Windows phone Store!!!

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