Windows Phone News: White Noise Machine - The ultimate app for getting you relaxed


Thursday, June 12, 2014

White Noise Machine - The ultimate app for getting you relaxed

White Noise Machine - The name of the app already tells you everything you need to know: The application helps people to comfort and relax, and serve to make you sleep or relax if you are unable to do so in the silence of your room. The software contains the most diverse sounds, like the most popular sounds of rain or crashing waves.

The application features very beautifull and well organized interface, that helps you navigate with easy and enjoy the sounds and get relaxed.

App description:

White Noise Machine application helps people to comfort and relax at bedtime. White Noise Machine includes nature sounds, white noise and soothing sounds all that are required to induce a sleepy atmosphere. Using White Noise Machine  application help you a lot the way producing White Noise sounds instead of normal ways producing white noise sounds using a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or running water. 

Enjoy relaxing natural sounds:    
- Bird Song  
- Wind  - River  
- Ocean Waves  
- Rain  
- Storm  
Or white noise sounds:  
- Airplane  
- Train  
- Oscillating Fan  
- Hair Dryer  
- Vacuum Cleaner  
Nature and White Noise sounds have been carefully chosen for their ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. 

White Noise Machine is a free application and can be found HERE in Windows Phone Store.

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