Windows Phone News: Farewell to AppHub, Microsoft announced the new Windows Phone Dev Center!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Farewell to AppHub, Microsoft announced the new Windows Phone Dev Center!

In preparation for the rumored, upcoming release of Windows Phone SDK 8 (of which a version has already appeared, as a leak on the web), Microsoft has updated its AppHub,the system through which it manages the submission of the app to the Windows Phone Marketplace. 

The update follows a previously announced maintenance, which has blocked the use of the AppHub all day on Monday.

Starting today,the AppHub was renamed and becomes Windows Phone Dev Center and responds to new address .
The main new feature is a certain approval as to interface and functionality with the Windows Store, the equivalent system for managing applications for Windows Phone 8.

In addition, you may notice the absence of Silverlight pages, in favor of HTML5,this choice also facilitates access from mobile devices.

Among the most expectations, the ability to manage in a different price for the nation, the possibility of having a list of nations "safe" (so that, for example, is refused because it includes an app in Facebook to support nations in where this is prohibited). Moreover, it appeared a new feature to handle the ' in-app purchase , a feature already announced for Windows Phone 8 (and therefore unavailable for Windows Phone 7.5). The limit of 100 users for the beta test has been raised and it was added support to PayPal, as well as for the payment phase and even for the collection.

More information about all the changes introduced by the new Windows Phone Dev Center at  windowsteamblog

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