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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Windows Phone sales over the Christmas period up 5 times over past year sales

As we all know, Microsoft rarely talks about real sales figures of the Windows Phone smartphones. This time too, even though they were declared the sales numbers, it turns out the growth had over the Christmas period compared to last year.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ballmer discusses the price range for Microsoft's Surface tablet

A few weeks after the debut of Windows 8 and the long-awaited tablet Surface (RT), comes an interesting interview with CEO Steve Ballmer emphasizes that what is the importance of this step for the company, even compared to the launch of Windows 95, the founder of a successful series of OS.
Answering questions from Seattletimes, Ballmer reiterated that the advent of the new operating system will be impetus for all the PC market, maybe a little distressed sales but still thriving and economically important to the Redmond company, and of course hot topic of strong interest is in surface , which in October will add additional revenue to the company, provided that the expectations of the buyers are not betrayed and the surface tablets will affordable to the general public.