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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sonic CD is now available for Xbox on Windows Phone

Sonic CD for Windows Phone is available to download from the Windows Phone Store. SEGA first announced Sonic CD for Windows Phone back in August 2011, but after long wait, today finally arrived

The game has been adapted and optimized for Microsoft's mobile platform only to provide the best user experience but also to be included in the collection of exclusive, high-quality Xbox games for Windows Phone.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sally's Spa - The new Xbox Live game is now available in the WP Marketplace

The new Xbox Live  game for this week is Sally's Spa , a fun casual game where put on the role of an expert esthetician committed to satisfy its customers and offering relaxation and comfort in the most elegant spas around the world .

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tentacles is this week Xbox Live title of the Week

This week Xbox Live title of the week is Tentacles.Tentacles has been developed and released by Microsoft exclusively for its mobile operating system. 

From the description in the WP marketplace we can read:
Press lightly on the screen, and Tentacles of the 40 test levels splits fingers and thrilling boss fights, you'll be surprised to find innovative and intuitive playability.
Think fast, act with caution and continues eating. The enemies will impede and you have to tear their eyes while trying to defeat Dr. Phluff, the mad scientist. Where will this battle end? Guess! No, we did not own!
Dr. Phluff has always interfered in the order of nature and this time tried to create the cutest animal ever conceived. But he failed. In a disaster, but not totally unexpected series of events has created a being of darkness. Dark, no heart and no desire to be kind, good nor pretty. Yes, he created YOU! A slimy black blob with three tentacles, a claw, and an endless hunger for eyeballs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feed Me Oil is the new Xbox Live game for Windows Phone

Our weekly usual appointment to report , when Microsoft releases a new game for Xbox Live, now we can see the entry into the marketplace of the new game Feed Me Oil, born as iOS title now has arrived in the Xbox Live section of  Windows Phone. 
Feed Me Oil is a logic game Enigmo style where the cunning, skill and a lot of physics are the basis for the resolution of this game. The aim is to bring the oil inside the mouths of giant creatures.