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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nokia Maps 2.5 update with Route Planner And Groupon Integration coming soon

The Nokia Collection continues to be cared meticulously by Nokia, which is preparing another update for its Nokia Maps application,who  together with Nokia Drive offers a better cartographic support to the owners of a Lumia smartphones.The version 2.5 introduces a few but interesting improvements that include new features like  Route Planner and integrate Groupon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nokia Drive with turn-by-turn directions will be available on all Windows Phone 8 devices

Among the news more or less satisfactory spread a few hours ago at Developer Summit is also the one on Nokia Drive that's incredible, is available on all future Windows Phone device 8.
The application for GPS navigation from Nokia, therefore, will be the default on the Microsoft software platform, and ensure all users location services and voice guidance in over 110 countries, even while offline.
The Nokia maps supplied by Navteq, is currently the most complete than that offered by other smartphone manufacturers. E 'can offer a complete usability in offline mode, a fast rendering system of maps (50 fps) and a low consumption of bandwidth, only 10% compared to traditional servers that provide these services on other platforms. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nokia Maps could become the default mapping app for the next Nokia Windows Phones

The agreement between Nokia and Microsoft has always proved a very solid and deep so that the  the Finnish manufacturer with more privileges in order to change the mobile operating system from Redmond. As we have observed several times, in fact, Nokia has decided to customize the icon of the Marketplace in the Tango build by inserting a 'No' in the tile store.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nokia Maps For Windows Phone Updated To v2.0 with new interesting features

Nokia continues work in bringing exclusive and update their apps for devices Windows Phone series Lumia.

Today the popular Nokia Maps app was updated to version 2.0 implemented a number of interesting features.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nokia-Microsoft partnership strengthened with new Bing Maps services

The alliance between Nokia and Microsoft continue to be a mutual exchange of useful resources. The last in order of time relate to the traffic information services and geocoding provided by Nokia . These services have become an integral part of Bing Maps , a mapping system from Microsoft that in essence, may use the same resources of Nokia Maps.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nokia soon to release an update for Nokia Maps on Windows Phone

While working on the Nokia Drive,to integrate the full capabilities without having to use the data connection, Nokia has announced an upcoming update for Nokia Maps.
The new update will add the following have :
  • Location / Recent Locations
  • Function to display the top 25 places where you can eat, drink and shop 
  • Instant access to a list of the most visited venues
  • Sharing directions on social networks

The update, according to Nokia, will be available in the coming weeks.
More info regarding the update at NokiaMapsBlog

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nokia Maps coming to all Windows Phone users free of charge reports that Nokia appears to have had a small about-face regarding Nokia Maps, their mapping solution for Windows Phone. While before they have previously said they will release the app for a small fee to Marketplace, they have now revealed at a Lumia event sponsored by Nokia HK and Microsoft HK that Nokia Maps will now be free to all Windows Phone users irrespective of OEM.

The rep from Microsoft Hong Kong also confirmed this information as well.While Nokia Maps does not include GPS navigation, it still provides detailed maps in numerous locales, much more than Bing Maps do, and Nokia intends to build it up as a location-based commerce platform, making wide distribution very important. This is without doubt the right decision.